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Bread is a beautiful thing, the staff of life. I want everyone to enjoy good bread!

Breads available to order. Pick up at The Local in West Cornwall, CT

Plain Peasant Bread $14.00

Roasted Garlic Rosemary Bread $14.00

Multi Seed Peasant Bread $14.00 

*Potato herb Peasant Bread $14.00

*Jalepeno Cheddar Peasant bread $14.00

*Pumpernickle  boule $14.00

*Baurenbrot (farmers rye) $14.00

Challah bread (pareve) $12.00

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread $14.00 Special order only

Gluten Free Italian Style  $10.00

Gluten free peasant bread $14.00

Gluten free multi seed baguette $10.00 Special order only

Gluten free, rice free, dairy free French baguette $10.00 Best to special order.

*Gluten free cranberry orange bread and blueberry lemon bread $8.00

*Gluten free monster chocolate chunk cookies $3.00 each

Gluten Free Vanilla Almond Cake $5.00 per slice, Whole Cake special order only  $36.00

French Apple tarts (small)  $5.00

Gluten free, oil free, Cherry Almond and Maple Pecan Granola $12.00

*Eplekake (Norwegian apple cake, not gluten free) $34.00 Whole cake special order only

Please order by Wednesday for pick up that weekend.

* These breads and cakes are not made every week, if you would like one, it's best to special order them.

Rising Above the Rest

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